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Group Personal Training Sessions for Women

Our small group training offers many benefits outside of what our one-on-one personal training sessions offer. Our in-person Scottsdale small group training sessions are a great way to feed off the energy of the other individuals in the session. With up to 4 people in a session, our coaches are able to push you through a workout of your experience level and make sure you are holding proper form.

We completely understand that making the decision to move forward with a personal trainer can be nerve wrecking, but we promise to make you part of the Altered Athletics Tribe as soon as you step foot in our private gym.

Here’s some reasons that other individuals have been motivated to keep coming back to group personal training:

Diet and Nutrition Can Be Confusing and Time Consuming

You aren’t the only one that feels defeated when it comes to eating too much or not enough. Diet and nutrition can be a challenge when you’re juggling work, family, and overall adulting! Everything from planning what you should be buying at the grocery store all week, what you should be meal prepping, and how to properly count and maintain macros to support your training. It seems so overwhelming and you’re not sure how you can do it by yourself.

When you join us here at Altered Athletics, we provide you with:

  • A complete meal plan tailored to your goals

  • Shopping List
  • List of Approved Foods
  • Healthy Restaurant Lists
  • Educational Videos

Accountability In A Group of Like-Minded Individuals

Research studies have shown that having a specific accountability partner increases your chance of success to 95%, compared to the 65% success rate of just publicly committing your goals to someone. So if you are looking for a private personal trainer in Scottsdale to help hold you accountable, Altered Athletics has a proven track record of helping hundreds of people with their body transformations.

Our strategic accountability process will keep you moving forward. We will regularly track your progress accurately by using the InBody scan and can make necessary adjustments. In the first 30 days of your new fitness journey, your personal trainers will reach out weekly to help you maneuver through your first month and see how your experience is going.

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Okay, so you continue to hear that consistency is where it’s at – but that’s easier said than done, right? So, what is the key to staying consistent in the gym and staying on your nutrition plan?

Altered Athletics specializes in helping individuals meet their fitness goals. Whether you’re a female or male looking to lose fat and gain muscle, our fitness trainers will strategically put you on plan, hold you accountable, adjust your plan as needed, and our small group training sessions will be motivating as it will provide you a sense of accomplishment as you make new like-minded friends. It will be easier to stay consistent when you have a tribe working hard with you.

About Our Women’s Small Group Training Sessions

This program is made for women who are looking to tone up and get stronger, all while losing body fat. With an individualized training program, custom nutrition plan and high level of accountability, this program will help you crush any goals you set out to achieve. With a variety of session times to choose from everyday, this program gives you the ability to make time for the gym even with a busy schedule. Sessions are 1-hour with a maximum of four individuals. This training program puts you into a high energy environment, with motivating training partners and a dedicated coach ready to push you past your current boundaries and help you achieve the results you desire.

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