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Get A Personal Trainer in Scottsdale

When you hire a personal trainer at Altered Athletics, you will experience private training to target your very specific goals. One of our Scottsdale fitness trainers will work one on one with you starting with a conversation to learn more about you and what fitness goals you want to achieve. This will help us strategize the best steps forward together. You will then be invited to a free intro-session to make sure we’re a good fit for each other and so you can get a feel for our style and what to expect when you’re here.

1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are also a great alternative to small group training.

Here’s some reasons our clients choose private training:

Knowing Where To Begin with a Nutrition Plan

Your new fitness trainer here at Altered Athletics will visit with you to get a feel for the foods you like and dislike. This will help us determine a realistic nutrition plan that you can stick with that will keep you within your daily macros.

Weight loss and muscle gains start in the kitchen. We understand the world of dieting can easily become overwhelming, but we can help you maneuver around a nutrition plan that you can stay on long term.

What You Can Expect:

  • A complete meal plan tailored to your goals

  • Shopping List
  • List of Approved Foods
  • Healthy Restaurant Lists
  • Educational Videos

The Necessity of a Fitness Coach That Will Take Accountability Seriously

Our personal trainers are uplifting, firm, and relatable – making them the ideal accountability partner for your fitness journey. Most people struggle on their own, and get frustrated because they feel they should be able to do it on their own. You’re not alone!  Did you know that research studies have shown that you have a 95% success rate when you have a specific accountability partner? We go above and beyond to hold you accountable, but we are also your partner through it all. We have helped hundreds of women succeed in their healthy lifestyle, and we want you to as well!

Our strategic accountability process will keep you moving forward. We will regularly track your progress accurately by using the InBody scan and can make necessary adjustments. In the first 30 days of your new fitness journey, your personal trainers will reach out weekly to help you maneuver through your first month and see how your experience is going.

The Support of a Gym Trainer Who Will Firmly Nudge To Stay Consistent

Having a support system within your gym will help you to stay consistent. It’s easier to keep showing up when you’re looking forward to another great session with your gym tribe. Your new Scottsdale Personal Trainer specializes in health and wellness, and we are passionate and determined to help you stay consistent.

Check out these Client Transformations showing results of our members who stayed consistent.

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Real Client Reviews

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