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Altered Athletics 1-1 Online Coaching

  • 45-Minute Initial Video Consult With Jared, The Owner of Altered Athletics

  • Personalized Training Program Tailored To You and Your Goals With Form Breakdown Videos
  • 1-1 Weekly Check-Ins With Jared

  • Custom Nutrition Coaching With Macros Specific To Your Preferences

Get the accountability, structure and motivation you need to achieve the physique of your dreams

If you’re ready to take your results to the ultimate next level, our online personal training is for you. Experience science-backed personalized training and nutrition coaching designed to guide you towards your ultimate transformation.

Altered Athletics is a women’s transformation specialized training company with 7+ years of coaching experience. Altered Athletics has led thousands of transformations, having trained over 3,000+ women in the last 5 years.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video below from the owner Jared to hear all about the premium online coaching experience.

Experience the methods that helped transform these everyday women

  • For the busy moms who wants to feel confident in their swimwear
  • For the women who want to get into the best shape of their lives
  • For the women who need that extra bit of accountability and motivation
  • For the women who know they are capable of more than where they currently are
  • For the badass business women who want their body to reflect their work ethic
  • For the women who want to look and feel both strong and feminine
  • For the moms who to look and feel their best again

Does this sound like you?

  • I need extra accountability, structure and motivation
  • I keep hitting plateaus in my strength and physique changes and cant hit that “next level”
  • I want a training plan that is tailored to MY specific needs
  • I’m a mom that has put my health on the back burner but wants to get into the best shape of my life
  • I struggle with coaches giving me generic meals plans and I want a meal plan/macros specific to my nutritional preferences
  • I know I am capable of more with my physique but have no idea where to start
  • I am a beginner and have no idea where to start

If any of this sounds familiar, our personalized online coaching is ideal for you.

Jared is fully trained in the Altered Athletics methods to help keep you motivated, educated and on track to insane results. With him in your corner, you can achieve the physique of your dreams.

What is included when you join
Altered Athletics 1-1 Online Coaching?

  • Initial 45 minute consultation with Jared: Sit down with your coach, Jared, via zoom to build your relationship, discuss your goals, abilities, and assess your current physique.

  • Personalized Training Program: Receive a training program fully tailored to you and updated every 3 weeks based on your goals and progress.

  • Customized Nutrition Plan: Personalized nutrition coaching with macros and calories set specific to you, your goals and lifestyle.

  • Form Breakdown Videos and Form and Technique Feedback: View videos of each exercise inside of your program for form breakdown and send videos of your major lifts to Jared to get feedback on your form.

  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins via zoom, email or call: Weekly check-ins with Jared via email, zoom or call.

  • Cardio and sleep optimization: Tailored cardio and step protocols and sleep optimization strategies.

  • Interactive Facebook Community: 24/7 access to our Facebook community for additional motivation and support.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Join Altered 1-1 Online Training Program
    Sign-Up For Our 12-Week Program – Click Here

  • 2

    Comprehensive Initial Consult with Jared
    Sit down with Jared, the owner of Altered Athletics for 45 mins via zoom to build a relationship, dive deep into your goals, abilities and assess your current physique.

  • 3

    Get Started!
    Jared will devise a complete strategy for you with a customized nutrition plan and personalized training program delivered via our online coaching app with form breakdown videos for every exercise.

  • 4

    Check-In Weekly
    Check in weekly with your coach with extensive feedback and receive action items weekly to continue progressing towards your goals.

  • 5

    Get Results
    Jared will be with you every step of the way on your journey to provide the guidance, support and accountability you need to get results. We take a team approach to transformation.

Coaching FAQS

Yes! Our private online fitness coaching is available worldwide and we have clients all over the globe, including Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few!

Please sign up for coaching once you are ready to begin. Unfortunately, we cannot hold a spot for you as the demand for coaching is high and our coaches work with a limited number of clients at a time.
Our coaching philosophy follows a flexible dieting approach. We at Altered Athletics provide our clients with macronutrient targets and assist you in tracking to meet these goals. In our experience, this is the most efficient and optimal path to achieving your best physique possible. If you would like a strict meal plan created for you to kickstart your transformation, we can create one for you.

You will check in with your coach, Jared, weekly via zoom, call or email. The form of communication is based on what works best for you. Your coach will review key metrics such as sleep duration, sleep quality, stress, exercise progression, body metrics (weight, measurements and photos), along with several other important health markers. You can also choose to submit videos of your lifts to your coach for feedback on your form and technique. You will converse with your coach via one form of communication, discussing the best strategy for you going forward.

Yes. We use a mobile app as the primary system you will use throughout your coaching. It delivers your training and nutrition programs, monitors your progress, tracks your nutrition and allows your coach, Jared, to check in with you from time to time. You will receive instructions to download this app from the app store once you sign-up.

Eligibility FAQS

We offer 1:1 online fitness coaching for women worldwide, including general population and lifestyle clients. We can help you with your goals of fat loss, muscle gain, reverse dieting, physique improvement or just improving your health and fitness.

To provide you with the best possible results, you need a gym membership or access to a well-equipped home gym that includes a squat rack, barbell, weight plates, a variety of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and resistance bands.
You will need to consult a GP or doctor in regards to your nutritional needs if you are pregnant. We are able to take on clients who are 2-3 months postpartum. But either way, congratulations!
If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or are struggling with disordered eating, we suggest you seek the advice of a professional. Please take care of yourself.

Other FAQS

We accept ACH, credit cards and debit cards. You can choose to pay for your coaching package upfront (and save) or you may choose to pay monthly with automatic charges to your debit or credit card 1-month in advance.
The minimum commitment is 12 weeks from a financial standpoint. However, for maximum results, we encourage you to work with your coach for a minimum of 24 weeks to optimize your physique.
If extenuating circumstances arise, you may contact us to pause your coaching with 1-weeks’ notice required in writing. We strongly encourage you to plan your coaching to be an uninterrupted.

If any extenuating circumstances arise, you must apply in writing to us for a contract release. However, you acknowledge that any potential refund or early termination is fully at our discretion.

Please reach out to support at [email protected] for any questions.

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Trainer Jared